Fintech Nexus Newsletter (June 7, 2024): US Bank and Greenlight team up for for teen bank accounts

Greenlight has been a leader in helping young children and teenagers develop financial skills. Its app is used today by more than six million parents and children.

While the company was traditionally focused on a direct-to-consumer model, it is increasingly developing partnerships with large banks to accelerate its growth.

Yesterday, we learned of another partnership, this time with a top-ten bank, U.S. Bank. The bank’s clients who have eligible accounts will receive complimentary access to Greenlight’s debit card and app.

Today’s kids have the opportunity to be more financially savvy than any generation before them. As the parent of two teenagers, I can say with confidence that apps like Greenlight help teach young kids sound financial habits.

My kids already know way more about managing than I did at their age and that is in large part because of these apps.

I applaud U.S. Bank for taking the initiative here and making this free for their customers. This is another example of fintech making a difference.

> U.S. Bank partners with Greenlight Financial Technology

U.S. Bank has partnered with Greenlight Financial Technology, a family fintech company that aims to help parents raise financially literate children.

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