Podcast #85: Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial

Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial
Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Christian Maynard-Philipp, Founder & CEO at Pattern.

Christian and I discussed Pattern’s origin story, why Pattern is different from some of the investing apps in the market, scalability, financial advisors, the investing education gap, her time in the public sector, the best fundraising story I’ve heard, and much more.

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Without further ado, Christian Maynard-Philipp, Founder & CEO at Pattern. Enjoy the show.

Episode highlights include:

  • Christian’s founder story
  • Her time at Acorns and Cash App
  • The investing education gap
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Smart scalability
  • Financial health and inclusion
  • Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
  • The gender gap in fintech
  • Recommended reading
    • Ride of a lifetime, by Robert Iger
    • Better not Bitter, by Yusef Salaam
  • Raising capital
  • And much more…

Connect with Christian on LinkedIn
Connect with Pattern Financial on LinkedIn

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