[May 2nd] How to Maximize Conversions, Minimize Fraud at Account Opening

Both banks and fintechs want onboarding new customers to be secure, simple and fast. 

But there is a delicate balance. Make the process too easy, and you could suffer serious fraud losses. Make it too challenging, and good new customers will go elsewhere.

Join Peter Renton and our experts as they detail exactly how you can balance these two opposing forces. It is indeed possible to onboard new accounts in a way that maximizes conversions while at the same time minimizing fraud losses.

Topics include:

  • How to segment and detect risky phone numbers, whatever it looks like
  • How to prevent and block fraudsters before they enter your system
  • How to convert more good users by adding verifications only when necessary
  • How to assess the true identity and riskiness of phone numbers at account opening

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