Prosper Performance Update – October 2022:

Today we are sharing performance data from the Prosper Portfolio for October 2022.

Highlights from the Prosper Performance Update – October 2022:

  • Dollar % of AA-B rated loan originations in October comprised approximately 63% of total loan originations, representing a 102 bps increase month-over-month
  • Average Loan Size in October increased moderately to $13,335, representing a 5.5% increase month-over-month
  • Weighted Average Borrower Rate for October originations fell 21 bps month-over-month to 14.68% primarily driven by Prosper Rating mix shift
  • Median Prosper loan to Income (PTI) monthly payment ratio for October increased slightly month-over-month to 5.31%

Portfolio insights and key charts can be found here:
Prosper Performance Update – October 2022

The Prosper Performance Updates are designed to help our investor community better understand performance trends and provide important insights into the trends we are seeing and the information needed to invest through the Prosper platform.

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